Portable toilets for farms & orchards, rural, emergency response and public health programs.
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Looking for a portable toilet? Then look no further!
Bellatrines toilets are VIP (ventilated improved pit) toilets and require no maintenance or servicing.
Tuff Toilet
Multi-purpose VIP toilet Deluxe VIP pedestal Toilet packages Semi-permanent
Jonathon Clarke, engineer and company owner, designed the world leading Tuff Toilet using his many years experience working for the International Red Cross.
All Bellatrines toilets meet VIP toilet requirements, as recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation) as best practice for natural organic toilet construction.
The VIP system is now the default system for local governments, NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) such as the International Red Cross and the United Nations, and for Public Health Authorities worldwide.
"I designed the Tuff Toilet as a multi-purpose portable VIP toilet system suitable for the New Zealand market as well as emergency, development and public health programs overseas".
What is the VIP system? Click here to learn how it works
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