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Emergency / Development Public Health
Tuff Toilet VIP toilet is specifically designed for large-scale distribution in humanitarian emergencies.
Available in 'pedestal' and 'squat' cultural options.
Tuff Toilet is designed by company owner and mechanical engineer Jonathon Clarke. Jonathon worked for MSF and ICRC in the 1990s, in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Georgia/Abkhazia, Albania & Kosovo.
"I designed the Tuff Toilet because I could see a need for a VIP latrine system that could be stacked for transporting, and then easily deployed in large scale emergencies."
"Most places I worked we had trouble finding materials for concrete slabs, so that problem is taken care of."
"It has an in-built vent pipe socket and fly trap, so is exactly what you need for large displaced camps with potential public health issues, and is also a good solution for development programs".
Key Benefits
Stackable Functional immediately Fiberglass construction
VIP (ventilated improved pit) system Pedestal or Squat models Tough, hard-wearing & durable
Integrated vent pipe socket Quick & easy installation Sanitary & easy to clean
Vent pipe system to remove odours Light-weight, carried easily by one person Gloss white gelcoat exterior
Integrated flytrap to trap & kill flies Supplied with pit collar Easily re-locatable
(proven 99% reduction in flies) Toilet buildings available Toilet tents available
Note: Multiple latrine pits can be dug quickly by mechanical auger
Important: Implementing a program of proper VIP latrines will realise significant public health results in displaced populations and developing areas.
Baltazar and Solon (1989) found that the unsanitary disposal of children's faeces was associated with a 34% increase in clinical diarrhoea and a 64% increase in pathogen positive diarrhoea
In temperate conditions (or warmer) most pathogenic bacteria are destroyed within 3-4 months (Winblad and Simpson-Hebert, 2004)
Logistic Information.
Design optimised for shipping and handling
Stackability, palletisation and ISO pallet/container standardization makes it easy to distribute
Comprehensive printed and electronic instructional materials
Shipping information: Size = 1100mm x 1100mm (standard ISO pallet size)
Shipping information: Weight = 10 kg / unit
Shipping information: Stackable, 50 units / ISO pallet
Shipping information: Full Pallet Dimensions 1100mm x 1100mm x 2000mm HIGH
Shipping information: Full Pallet Weight = 550 Kg
Shipping information: 10 pallets per shipping container, or per truck deck unit.
Shipping information: Plastic wrapped on pallet as standard, export packaging available.

VIP (ventilated improved pit) latrine system as recommend by W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) 

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